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Each year during Lent the College
community focuses on the needs of
others through its partnership with
Caritas Australia. Caritas Week, the
largest social justice event on the
College calendar supports the Project
Compassion campaign to assist the
poor and vulnerable of the world.
In the course of the week there were a number
of interactive activities to support this focus:
Water Trek
A group of over 50 students and 8 teachers took
part in an early morning trek to collect water from
a local creek and bring buckets of water back to the
College. This was done in solidarity with the women
and children around the world who have to make
this kind of trek on a daily basis to bring water to
their family and village.
Interactive Ministry
Students and staff were able to experience a number of
interactive lunchtime activities led by Year 9 Ministry classes,
using Caritas video clips as a stimulus to discussion and
activities. A group looked at the provision of health services
to Aboriginal communities in remote parts of Australia,
while another group looked at a situation of upheaval and
displacement in Sri Lanka as a result of their civil war. Other
groups looked at the circumstances of people with disabilities
in South Sudan, the effect of natural disasters in island nations
such as the Solomon Islands and situations of urban poverty
and violence in Brazil and the Philippines.
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