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May 2014
Bennies Buzz
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The redesigned Hall Courtyard provides outdoor learning
spaces and additional seating for students with a grassed
area. Complete with café style shade umbrellas, the area
provides an ideal space for the girls to socialise and relax
in small groups.
Contemporary vertical gardens now surround the Hall
Courtyard increasing green space and enriching this
key gathering area, further demonstrating the College’s
commitment to stewardship of the environment.
The rejuvenated Hall Courtyard has already played host
to some key College events including the P&F Welcome
BBQ and Open Day.
These aesthetic improvements are in addition to the
opening in late 2013 of the extended College Hall,
adjoining renovated Blue Gum deck and the shaded
awning area on the oval.
Mount St Benedict College is grateful to its Parents and
Friends’ Association for their generosity in contributing
a substantial sum towards the courtyard upgrade and
the oval awnings.
The College Board is now working towards the
development of a new Master Plan for the College to
build on recent developments to enhance facilities. In
the near future the College community will have an
opportunity to give some input to the process ensuring
future developments reflect community needs.
Now - Blue Gum Deck in 2014
Students returned to the College in
Term One ready to enjoy some new
spaces within the College.
Now - Hall Court Yard in 2014.
Inset: Then - Hall Courtyard in 1991.
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