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The College became ‘Code Central’
when external provider, Code
Camp hosted three-day coding
workshops for primary and stage
4 (Years 7-8) students in the school
holidays. Students from surrounding
primary schools came to the inaugural
session, including several students who will be joining the
Bennies community in Year 7, 2018. We look forward to
hosting more Code Camps in future school holidays.
A small group of Year 10 students participated in the inaugural
STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and
Medicine) breakfast networking event at the Sydney Adventist
Hospital. The girls were inspired by presentations from a
dozen eminent female medical practitioners, all trailblazers
and highly respected in their fields. The medical professionals
shared their educational, personal and career journeys,
making reference to the significance of the highly-prized
and transferrable STEM skills that are integral to the future
advancements that they are involved with.
With nearly 30 Year 9 girls trying their hand at the world of
coding, these students were treated to a range of introductory
experiences involving image and text-based coding systems. The
girls completed workshops with the Code Rangers and were
able to explore mBot mini robot construction and programming,
as well as programming B.E.N.N.I, the College robot.
STEMM excursion at Sydney Adventist Hospital, Wahroonga Year 10
Coding Club Year 9
Code Camp
Spring 2017
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