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Term Two – Sustainable Seating Challenge
Groups of girls designed, sketched, built and tested a chair
made out of one piece of cardboard with NO adhesives at
all. Quite the engineering feat, especially for their first STEM
challenge. So much interesting and creative thinking on
display and a wonderful community-building opportunity.
Term Three – Range of choice STEM Workshops:
• Macquarie University Design Challenge
• Code Rangers workshops in Scratch and Python coding
• MSB Design and Engineering Rube Goldberg Challenge
and Problems - involving 3D shapes
The STEM Club extra-curricular group met on Monday
afternoons during Terms Two and Three to introduce and
familiarise themselves with some of the fundamental
concepts of STEM, utilising skills and understanding
across the areas of Science, Design and Technology and
Mathematics. Girls made skyscrapers with marshmallows
and spaghetti, designed cars based on concepts of
circles, mailed themselves raw eggs in envelopes modified
and engineered for crush resistance, flew mini-drones, built
and raced boat hulls, and investigated simple machines,
Lego Technics and perpetual motion machines. The
programs were supported by a team of talented Year 9
Student Mentors, as well as a range of teachers from the
Science, TAS and Mathematics Faculties.
STEM Club – Year 8
STEM Challenge Days – Year 8
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