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Class of 2017
In the final week of Term Three, the College farewelled the
Class of 2017 as they prepared for their HSC exams. The week
included some special moments for the girls and their families-
celebrating faith, friendship, family and academic achievement.
2017 College Captain, Annabel Anderson reflected on their
journey at the Year 12 Academic Assembly,
“The Class of 2017
has made invaluable contributions within the MSB community
and should be praised for their dedication to study, their
enthusiasm as leaders and their compassion as stewards of our
school environment.
I invite the community to remember those who began their time
with us six years ago, and whose journey has taken them on a
different path. All of these people have shaped our own journeys
and have significantly contributed to who we have become as
individuals and as a year group. The Class of 2017 have faced
considerable challenges
and the ways in which we
have supported each other
during trialling times is a
testament to the resilience
and strength of our cohort.
I have come to recognise the
gifts and unique strengths of
our grade: our compassion,
diligence and drive. We have endeavoured to achieve not a
mark but an educational experience. While we have recognised
the importance of academics most of us have reached an
understanding that there is no one way to define the excellence
we have achieved – the final number we receive in December is
by no means a measurement of our skills.”
Academic Assembly
Over two hundred parents and family members joined Year
12 and the College community for the Year 12 Academic
Assembly. As well as a range of academic prizes for individual
subjects, the major award winners were:
• The Mount St Benedict Award - Academic Excellence –
Annabel Anderson
• Best All Rounder – Annabel Anderson
• Christian Leadership – Rayel Rahme
• Pierre de Coubertin Sports Award – Courtney Harkin
• All Round Excellence – Annabel Anderson, Sylvia Burgess-
Tate, Rosemarie Coppini, Charlotte Folkard, Elly Gallagher,
Olivia Giacomelli, Diana Kazakov, Madeline Pfeffercorn,
Lucy Sheppard, Sarah Tan, Yao Xiao, Jessica Yi
• Principal’s Award Winners – Belinda Borgefjord, Olivia
Boxwell, Rebecca Day, Mackensie Eddington, Amy
Federer, Charlotte Folkard, Elly Gallagher, Gigi Giuffre,
Clara Goossens, Courtney Harkin, Emily Hendry, Anthea
Jones, Diana Kazakov, Elizabeth Khoury, Olivia Kobal,
Stacey Leong, Ashleigh McLean, Jessica Pacheco,
Madeleine Skinner, Madeleine Smith, Kimberley Spencer,
Isabella Steen
• House Awards – Arcadia: Belinda Borjefjord, Maredous:
Emerald Murray-Joseph,
Monte Cassino: Elly
Gallagher, Montserrat:
Charlotte Folkard, New
Norcia: Brooke Nicotra,
Stanbrook: Jessica
Tong, Subiaco: Elizabeth
Khoury, Terracina: Annabel
Rayel Rahme
Annabel Anderson
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