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Many Bennies girls rate the College musical as the highlight
of their time at school, a few members of the cast and crew
reflected on their High School Musical experience.
“Being involved in the Musical was a rollercoaster, it was
intense, a little stressful but one of the best experiences of
my time at Bennies. I’ve always wanted to channel my inner
Zac Efron. I was terrified when I found out I got the leading
male role but took it on as best as I could. I learnt a little
basketball, practised my slouched guy stance, made sure I hit
the right notes and had a lot of fun!”
Elly Rickwood, Year 12, lead role of Troy Bolton.
“The 2017 Musical was an unforgettable experience,
celebrating our love for the Creative and Performing Arts.
Playing a carefree and amusing character such as Chad was
thoroughly enjoyable, bringing joy and comedic relief to the
audience. I was thrilled to bring such a character to life.”
Saba Karimi, Year 11, lead role of Chad.
“Being involved in the production of High School Musical was
truly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had at Bennies. As one
of youngest leads in the show (Taylor McKessie), I was incredibly
lucky to have been given such a big role to play with such an
amazing cast of girls. I would recommend future Bennies girls
to be a part of the musical as it is such an amazing opportunity
to make new friends, learn something new and have fun! A
huge thank you to Mr Watters, Mrs Tannock, Mrs Webber, Miss
Saunders and Miss Sheehan for their hard work and dedication
towards this show. We couldn’t have done it without you!“
Chelsea McGregor, Year 10, lead role of Taylor McKessie.
“I really liked the sense of collaboration amongst the group
and seeing them take ownership of the scenes they were
in. I also really enjoyed listening to the girls sing with such
passion and energy – I couldn’t help but get out of my seat
and dance! Congratulations and well done to all involved,
bring on the 2019 musical!”
Mrs Kristie Tannock, Musical Director and MSB Drama teacher
“After months of designing, choreographing, teaching, and
directing, it was wonderful to see the students take to the
stage to showcase their passion, commitment and energy.
The new friendships formed and the personal growth evident
in the students makes the long hours of hard work all the
worthwhile. A truly rewarding experience!”
Ms Jacqueline Saunders, Musical Choreographer and MSB
Dance Teacher
The Cast
Elly Rickwood as
Troy Bolton
Chiara Fenech as
Kelsi Neilson
Mr Peter Watters -
Producer and Music Director  
Mrs Kristie Tannock -
Ms Jacqueline Saunders -
Alanna Bindschedler
as Zeke Baylor
Gabrielle Vaggis as
Martha Cox
Caitlyn Dunk as
Ms Darbus
Olivia Staal as
Coach Bolton
Kiera Walkerden
as Jack Scott
Claire Ward as
Gabriella Montez
Charlotte Turner
as Ryan Evans
Chelsea McEntee
as Sharpay Evans
Saba Karimi as
Chad Danworth
Chelsea McGregor
as Taylor McKessie
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