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From the
MSBESA President
As 2017 draws to a close, I feel a sense
of amazement at how fast time has
passed. Not only has this year flown by;
it is almost ten years to the day since
my classmates, and I graduated from
Bennies. But the wonderful thing about
the Bennies community is that the values
learnt there – the core Benedictine values,
the pursuit of excellence and a lifelong commitment to social
justice and learning to name a few – stay with students for
life, and I’m grateful that the same has been true for me.
To the Class of 2017: we wish you all the best for your HSC
exams. We know that the values you have gained during the
last six years will guide you as you begin your journey beyond
Bennies. Remember to keep in touch; we look forward to
hearing about your lives and adventures in a year, in 5 years,
in 25 years, and beyond.
Following the launch of the MSBESA Ex-Student Experience
Grants in the last Bennies Buzz, I am pleased to announce
Emily Crisafulli (Class of 2012) as the first official recipient.
Emily is a Ph.D. candidate in Biochemistry and Molecular
Biology at the University of Melbourne, and she will be
utilising the Grant to attend and present her research into
resistance to an antimalarial drug at a conference in Adelaide.
Emily will be sharing her experience in the April 2017 edition
of Bennies Buzz. For any ex-students interested in applying for
the Grant, please remember
that applications are open
year round.
Further information, including
eligibility and application
details, are available on the
College website.
The Annual General Meeting is coming up on Monday 20
November at 6.30pm in the College Board Room. The AGM
provides an opportunity for the Association to reflect on the
year past and plan our activities for 2018. I invite all new
and existing MSBESA members to attend and take this
opportunity to contribute their ideas to the future direction
of the Association. For those ex-students that are not yet
members of the Association, please consider becoming a
member via the Alumni website:
Jessica Micallef
Class of 2007
Jessica Micallef
Spring 2017
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