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Class of 1982 – 35 Year Reunion
Meg Macfarlane (nee Gorbach) - Class of 1981
Dr Sarah Kirkpatrick (nee Perkins) – Class of 2001
The Class of 1982 gathered in Pennant Hills over the last
weekend in July. It had been five years since we last held
a catch-up and our Facebook page made it easier to
communicate plans for the reunion. Our afternoon at Hotel
Pennant Hills was filled with laughter and some tears and we
were honoured to welcome back Mr O’Connor, our English
teacher. A special booklet was compiled by Michelle for
the occasion to share our life journeys. We are planning an
annual dinner catch-up to ensure we keep in touch.
Class of 1982 Reunion Committee: Michelle, Sue, Nicole,
Lisa, Marissa and Rhonda
After leaving Bennies, and nursing for
a while, I moved to Orange and studied
Rural Business Management at Orange
Agricultural College. I travelled and
worked around rural NSW and met
my future husband – a Kiwi farmer!
We settled back at the family farm in
North Canterbury, New Zealand. We
have two grown sons, one studying
commerce and agriculture at university
in Christchurch, and the eldest, a
commercial pilot. I still work with
rural businesses, and I am a director
with the finance portfolio of our local
health centre, treasurer of our local
A&P Show, and recently co-ordinated
a new trust involved with mentoring
and developing events (for tourism) in
our local district. I have been happily
married to Tom for 26 years!
Sarah was recently awarded a
prestigious Australian Research
Council Future Fellowship grant.
Sarah, who is a senior research
fellow at the Climate Change
Research Centre of the University
of New South Wales, will spend four
years investigating how changes in
Australian heatwaves can be attributed
to human influence on the climate.
Her work will also examine whether
the impacts of heatwaves on certain
diseases and mortality can be directly
linked to climate change, and how this
may alter in the future. This builds
upon Sarah’s previous work where
she identified increasing trends in
the frequency, intensity and duration
of heatwaves. Sarah received her
Ph.D. in climate science in 2009, and
has previously worked at the CSIRO
investigating climate change over
Australia and the Pacific Islands.
During her career she has published
over 50 scientific papers, and is a
regular communicator of climate
science to the general public and in
the media.
Sue Martin pictured with past MSB
teacher Bernard O’Connor
Spring 2017
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