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Principal’s Message
During Term Two I was able to combine some
Enrichment Leave with Long Service Leave to undertake
some school visits, professional reading, travel and
catching up with family in Europe. I spent some time at
the National STEM Centre in York, UK, learning about
developments in UK schools. It was pleasing to learn
that the work being done here at MSB is consistent with
research findings and anecdotal evidence gathered in
the UK setting also. Our Year 8 students this year have
had the opportunity for three STEM days with different
themes and approaches. It is exciting to see the work
they do, the products they produce and most of all to
hear the girls speak about their learning.
I was also able to visit Lourdes in France and Stanbrook
Abbey in England, a Benedictine community of sisters
with whom we have built strong connections over the
past twelve years. In both Lourdes and Stanbrook, I was
able to spend time in prayer and reflection, something
which is difficult to do for any length of time amongst
the busy routine of College life.
In the mid-year break groups of staff and students were
involved in immersion experiences in Santa Teresa, the
Philippines and Ministry Outreach in the city. A group of
staff and students also travelled to Germany and Italy
for a History Tour.
As you will see in the pages of this edition of Bennies
Buzz, the College Musical, High School Musical,
in Term Two was an enormous success. An extra
performance had to be scheduled to meet the demand
for tickets. Staff and students work hard for more than
six months to ensure a thoroughly professional show.
Congratulations to all involved, staff, students and
parents who assisted and supported.
The Hildegard Centre for Creative and Performing Arts
is nearing completion, and as it emerges from the
scaffolding, it is obvious that it will change the face
of our campus. The entire community has been very
patient during the construction, with limited parking
and the oval unavailable for use. We are all looking
forward to next year when life will return to a ‘new’
normal, with our wonderful new facilities.
Despite the limitations on spaces for physical activities
and sports, the College has had many sporting
successes, both individuals and teams. One of the
most important aspects of these successes is the
character building which takes place through striving
for a goal and competing in a spirit of good grace.
Congratulations to students who have been involved
but also to ex-students, staff and parents who have
managed, coached, umpired and refereed, as well as
providing transport and moral support.
There are so many wonderful activities in which the
MSB community is engaged that it is almost impossible
to capture them all in one publication. Bennies Buzz
will give you a taste of life at MSB over the past six
months which I am sure you will enjoy.
Maria Pearson
The Hildegard Centre for Creative and
Performing Arts is nearing completion
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