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Students and teachers from three Good Samaritan schools,
including three students and one staff member from Mount
St Benedict College, travelled to the closed rural Aboriginal
community of Santa Teresa, home to the Eastern Arrente
people, 80km south-east of Alice Springs in early July.
The annual Good Samaritan Education immersion trip
designed for Year 10 students, enables the girls to
understand what life is like in a remote rural indigenous
community, gain insight into the indigenous culture and to
see the work of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan first-hand
within that community.
Under the guidance of Good Samaritan Sister, Sister Liz
Weimer, the group had the privilege of helping at the
crèche; preparing and delivering meals to homes through
the community centre; aiding the Aboriginal women at the
spirituality centre; and attending a variety of vibrant church
and home Masses.
The girls found the trip to be a life-changing experience and
were fascinated to learn about the strong links between the
Catholic beliefs and the ancient faith of the Aboriginal culture
and the impact this has on the community’s lives.
“Through their dedication to the Catholic faith, strong sense of
community and powerful connection to their land and traditions,
the people of Santa Teresa live lives rich in stewardship, love,
hospitality, integrity, justice and peace, free from the material
objects and aspirations that have become ‘necessary’ to
existence in the first world. We entered Santa Teresa with the
intention of lending a hand in the community, but we left with
the gift of insight into how our two communities can co-exist
peacefully and enhance each other’s cultures.”
“Within five nights and six days our outlook towards life had
dramatically changed. We were fortunate enough to have learnt
and lived as a local within the community. The hardships the
women and the community face each day, and the few solutions
we observed were at times frustrating to hear and see, but the
positive nature and connectedness of the community, despite the
struggles was astounding. It is impossible to forget this life-
changing immersion.”
Standing in solidarity with
our “neighbour”
Reflections on the Year 10 Good Samaritan Education,
Santa Teresa Immersion
MSB participants from left: Mr Kevin Jones,
Charlotte Turner, Rhiannon Moore and
Hannah McAdam.
Spring 2017
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