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The MSB European History Tour brought history to life for
thirty-three students and six staff who recently travelled to
Germany and Italy.
The tour included stops in Munich, Nuremberg and Berlin
in Germany; while in Italy the group visited Naples, Pompeii,
Sorrento, Capri, Monte Cassino and Rome.
The trip was designed to give greater depth to the girls’ study
of history (both ancient and modern). Those with a particular
interest in Ancient History were thrilled to visit Pompeii and
see excavation sites and view new scientific methods of
analysing remains; while those with a passion for Modern
History benefitted greatly from their time in Germany around
important WWII sites.
As well as enriching student study, there are a number
of benefits for students on a study tour. For most of the
girls, this was the longest time they had been away from
their families, and it proved a valuable opportunity to build
their independence. The Year 10 and 11 girls built strong
connections across year groups and outside of their normal
friendship groups. The girls all agreed that it was the most
walking they had ever done!
Tour Highlights
• While on an emotional visit to Dachau Concentration Camp
in Germany, students and staff participated in a College
led liturgy within the Catholic church on site, and shared
this experience with members of the public.
• “Upon arriving in the beautiful city of Nuremberg, it
would appear as though we had gone back 500 years,
with medieval architecture lining the cobblestone
streets. However, 80% of Nuremberg was rebuilt
after being bombed during World War II, a mammoth
task which took thirty years. A few original buildings
remained, like the Nuremberg Castle, which we were
lucky enough to explore.”
• “Visiting the Nazi party rally grounds in Nuremberg
certainly gave us insight into the mindset of a leader who
chose those grounds for their grandeur and the sense of
being a part of something bigger than yourself, a key factor
in the rise of Hitler.”
• “Berlin gave us an understanding of the Cold War, as
we saw the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie. Walking
around the city allowed us to visit the Brandenburg Gates,
as well as the Reichstag building and it was amazing to
see such iconic monuments personally.”
• A crowd favourite for the tour group was the day spent
at the Isle of Capri, enjoying the Italian sun while riding
a private boat around the island and swimming in the
crystal blue water. “Mount Vesuvius could be seen in the
background, and even more so from the sites of Pompeii
and Herculaneum, where we studied ancient ruins in the
heat, marvelling at the frescoes.”
• “On the last day of our tour, we walked around the
Colosseum and the Roman Forum, imagining the wealth
and supremacy of ancient Rome.”
• “The food was also a highlight of the tour, ranging from
German pretzels to Italian granitas, so there was always
something new to try. It was soon made obvious that
Germans loved their pork, while Italians served pasta as an
entrée, at times making it almost like a challenge to finish
the main. We did not have time to be homesick for Vegemite
and lamingtons when there was Italian gelato on offer!”
The two weeks in Europe came to a close with some
wonderful memories and learning experiences. Thank you to
the staff and students, and tour organiser Academy Travel for
their positive involvement in our second History Tour.
Thank you to Natalia Reale-Bryant in Year 10 and Kathleen
Notohamiprodjo, Khristiana Evio, Claire Ward, Caitlin
Callinan and Claire Horton in Year 11 for their tour
reflections within this story.
European History Study Tour
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