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Mount St Benedict College recently inducted three inspiring
young women to lead the community through the Year of
Hospitality. College Captain, Jaime Dunn; Vice-Captain
Portfolios, Alana Sylvester and Vice-Captain Spirit, Jemma
Gallagher are looking forward to making Bennies a welcome
space for the immediate and wider College community.
College Principal, Mrs Maria Pearson was inspired by the
wisdom that the 2018 leaders displayed on their recent
Captain’s Retreat, “Sharing some time with our new student
leaders gave me a great sense of hope and optimism for not
only the year ahead for our College, but for the future of our
Church, our country and our world. I listened to these young
women sharing their vision for us as
a school community – it is obvious that they have been deeply
impacted by the Benedictine values, which I am sure will
inform their decisions not only while at school but well into the
years beyond.”
As the new leaders set their goals and vision for 2018, College
Captain, Jaime revealed that the College value of Hospitality
and the upcoming Good Samaritan Year of Inclusion inspired
their planning, “Hospitality is all about welcoming others
into our hearts, and we would like to continue building on a
College community where this is a reality.”
All three College leaders are proud to follow in the footsteps
of the 2017 captains, Annabel Anderson, Diana
Kazakov and Olivia Kobal.
“The 2017 College Leaders have certainly left
a remarkable legacy. They have inspired us to
think about the important issues that face us
as young women in the twenty-first century,
and have encouraged us to take steps to make
a difference in our world,” said College Vice-
Captain, Alana Sylvester.
In their year of leadership, The Class of 2018
aspires to strengthen the connectedness
of the MSB community and create an
environment where all students feel
comfortable to share their gifts and talents.
“We want to bring Bennies girls closer
together so that they can extend the value of
Hospitality outside the red brick wall,” said
College Vice-Captain, Jemma Gallagher.
Student Leadership
2018 College Captains
Making Bennies a Welcome Space
2017 and 2018 College Leaders pictured
with College Principal, Maria Pearson
Jemma Gallagher, Jaime Dunn and Alana Sylvester
Spring 2017
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