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Internationally acclaimed scientist, explorer and
conservationist - Professor Tim Flannery, inspired those
in attendance at Mount St Benedict College’s 18th annual
Social Justice Forum.
The College welcomed 350 students and guests from
across 20 schools to listen to presentations aligned with the
“Our Future, Our World, Our Common Home”
, the central
message of Pope Francis’ 2015 encyclical letter
“Laudato Si”
Professor Flannery struck a hopeful tone in speaking about
initiatives to help arrest global warming and ensure the
sustainability of the world’s environment, which included
renewable energies and more energy efficient transport and
manufacturing choices. He also spoke of the development of
carbon capture technologies including building materials that
have the quality of absorbing and capturing carbon emissions
and the development of seaweed cultivation enabling vast
amounts of carbon emissions to be absorbed without harm to
the environment.
The acclaimed scientist was impressed by the quality of
the student interaction, “We had a great discussion about
the future of the world, sustainability, climate change and
the concrete actions that need to happen over the next
ten and fifty years. The input from the students here was
fabulous…I really came away reassured that the world is in
good hands.”
Participants were also able to choose two workshops from
among the fifteen on offer, led by community organisations,
MSB staff and students, and other schools, providing a
rich exchange of ideas promoting stewardship. The College
is grateful to the array of community organisations who
offered their time to help ensure that the forum was such an
outstanding success.
Our student leaders are also to be commended for their
commitment to the evening which had been in planning for
many months. The Social Justice Forum was a joint initiative
of the Social Justice and Environment Student Portfolios.
Social Justice Forum
‘Our Future, Our World, Our Common Home’
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