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Current Student News
Two Mount St Benedict College (MSB) teams have achieved
fantastic results at the Royal Australian Chemical Institute
National Titration Competition at the University of New South
Wales. This was an invitation-only event to students who had
performed exceptionally well at regional competitions.
Each team worked over a three-hour period to find the
concentration of an unknown acidic solution. Each student
needed to work with precision and accuracy, making a
standard solution and then titrating over a number of trials
to analyse an unknown acid solution. The results obtained
by each student were added together to get the team result.
Year 12 team:
Isabella, Emma & Mackensie achieved 2nd place
Year 11 team:
Nicole, Ksenya & Jessica achieved 3rd place
All six MSB students were also awarded gold medals
achieving an accuracy of within 1% error, the culmination
of many hours of hard work and focus by the students and
their teachers.
Year 9 student, Sophia Galluzzo was voted by her peers to
fill the role as student ‘Principal for a Day’. Sophia spent the
day with College Principal, Mrs Maria Pearson,
accompanying her to meetings
and the day’s activities as well
as writing a newsletter piece
and presenting to the College
Assembly. Here are Sophia’s
insights on what it means to be a
leader in a school in the Catholic,
Benedictine tradition:
One of the many things I took from
the experience was that leadership
National Chemistry Titration Competition
Principal for a Day
Mount St Benedict College (MSB)
continued its eighth year of support of
‘Vinnies Busking’ in Parramatta Mall
where the College music ensembles
gathered (in very windy conditions!) to
entertain the lunchtime crowds while
collecting money in support of St Vincent
de Paul.
The College also helped launch and
support the Vinnies Winter Appeal Digital
Doorknock in Parramatta. It was pleasing
to hear that a new fundraising record was
set for Parramatta.
Bennies Supports Vinnies Winter Appeal Digital Doorknock
and teamwork are extremely important when it comes to the role
of a principal. In saying that, I also learnt that leadership isn’t just
about one individual leading a group
but it’s actually about everyone leading
each other and working together. I
learnt this whilst attending a meeting
and noticing Mrs Pearson along with
another staff member collaborating
and generating ideas off each other.
This made me realise that leadership
involves everyone and is more about
leading together rather than leading
as individuals. My ‘Principal for a Day’
experience taught me a lot about what
exactly our Principal Mrs Pearson
does and how busy she really is.
From this day, I have now learnt what
makes a good leader.
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