From the College Captain

There is no greater time than today to be a woman. The question is no longer “what can women do?” but rather “what can’t women do?” At Mount St Benedict College, students are challenged to smash the glass ceiling and are inspired to grow into innovative thinkers and global citizens who can utilise their unique strengths as women to succeed in their ambitions in an environment free from limitations.

Mount St Benedict College is an environment that facilitates the growth and development of young women and caters for the specific needs of all students, providing them with the opportunity to grow in confidence. Founded on the tradition of the Good Samaritan, our community incorporates the values of Pax, Hospitality and Stewardship in everyday College life.

The question is no longer “what can women do?” but rather “what can’t women do?”

The College offers a vast array of opportunities in the areas of academics, sport, creative and performing arts, student leadership and social justice and in doing so, allows for Bennies students to broaden their global perspectives creating a holistic educational experience.

My time at Bennies has been an exceptional school experience in which I have been challenged to perfect my studies, supported by strong relationships, stimulated to expand my horizons through co-curricular activities and called to make a difference to transform the future. The Mount St Benedict community has become my family; fostering resilience and allowing me to develop as a confident leader.

Annabel Anderson

College Captain